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March 02, 2016

FAN Club’s unforgettable trip to camp

Guest post by Mike NicoloffIf you had the opportunity to spend the day outdoors with your family, doing a bunch of fun activities at a YMCA mountain camp, would you do it? Well, that’s exactly what 26 different FAN Club families from the Southbay did on Sunday, February 21st. Those families all met up at YMCA CAMP ...more

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February 10, 2016

How to make a Smoredilla

There are few things in life that are quite as memorable as sitting around a campfire enjoying the greatest of all camping traditions: making s’mores! Who would have ever thought that you could improve on perfection? Well here at YMCA CAMP SURF we've done the impossible and created the ultimate fireside treat: The Smor ...more

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April 21, 2015

Camp Alumni Times - April 2015

The April 2015 issue of the Camp Alumni Times is online and ready for you to read! Find out about upcoming Alumni events, read the ever popular "Notes from Tom" section, and our highlighted "Alumni Corner" featuring a story from Keith Fargo (current Board Member, former Camp Surf counselor, and son of Navy Captain Bill ...more

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February 12, 2015

Hello from Germany

We received this awesome email from a Raintree Ranch camper who's studying abroad in Germany, sporting his Pegasus shirt, and is very excited for summer....nothing makes us happier than hearing that!"I can not wait until next year, i am very excited. I am looking forward to working filling out the application.Germany is a ...more

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February 12, 2014

Why Nat LOVES Camp!

So much to LOVE Australia has beautiful beaches, warm weather, and great people but it doesn’t have CAMP! Every year people ask me, “Nat why would work at camp instead of living in Australia?” The answer is easy… because I love camp! My backyard is filled with kids laughing, smiling and enjoying thei ...more

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February 11, 2014

You know you're a Camp Surf camper if...

1. You don't go anywhere without your shoes....except the beach.2. You are used to sand being....EVERYWHERE!!!3. Your wetsuit is still wet from your Early Bird session.4. You started throwing shaka's and it just felt normal.5. You've been woken up by "TJ the Sand Lion" during sleep outs.6. You've decorated yourself wi ...more

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December 20, 2013

2013 Holiday Postcard - YMCA CAMP SURF

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and THANK YOU to all our campers, camper families, donors, staff, board members and supporters for helping make 2013 another wonderful year at YMCA Camp Surf. Over 12,000 campers came through our gates this past year and took advantage of this wonderful location. Big changes are in store for 2014...most no ...more

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August 08, 2012

Every bit counts...

At the end of every session, campers who are checking out have the option of having their leftover camp store money refunded to them or they can choose to donate it back to camp. Once donated, the money is tallied and then designated to be spent improving camp programs. In previous years we've been able to purchased a n ...more

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July 23, 2012

Friday Night Staff Surf

It's a pretty well known tradition around YMCA Camp Surf that on friday night, after the campers have left for the week, the staff go SURFING! The staff work hard all week pushing kids on waves, singing songs, and being great role models...we think they should get a chance to play as well. Some Friday nights it can get p ...more

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May 25, 2012

Feeding the Horses in the Early Morning

At Raintree Ranch Summer camp, campers once a week have the responsibility to rise early and feed the horses. For most it’s groggy walk down the barn at 5:30am and they are usually in their pajamas and cowboy boots. Campers help distribute hay and fill hay nets. This only takes about 20-30 minutes and then we go ba ...more

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May 09, 2012

A Camp Surf Moment

This shot doesn't display our typical "fun in the sun" scene but it's soooo cool we just had to share it with you. Occasionally, we do get visits from sea lions on our jetty and we also get some pretty spectacular sunset and waves as well. Well this time Chas, Camp Surf's Outreach Coordinator during the school year and ...more

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April 12, 2012

The Marston Climbing Experience

An important part of our camp mission is "to help all people realize their fullest potential". One of our favorite ways to help people do that is through our Climbing Tower.Cabin groups come together to climb the wall almost every day of the week. People of all ages step up to challenge themselves, to try their hardest, and ...more

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April 08, 2012

Surf Tiki Award

The Tiki award at YMCA Camp Surf is not just a honor table award, but a statement about teamwork and respect. At every breakfast and dinner we honor a hard working cabin group with the Tiki award. They proudly stand up, sing their cabin cheer, and place the hand-carved, one of a kind, award at their table ...more

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April 05, 2012

Mini Surfboard Craft

Arts and Crafts is a staple at camp but maybe not for the reasons you're thinking of. It's a great opportunity to slow down and have campers work on their interpersonal skills. Campers actually have great conversations while working on a project together. A former camper asked us what use to make our mini surfboard necklaces s ...more

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