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February 12, 2014

Why Nat LOVES Camp!

So much to LOVE

Australia has beautiful beaches, warm weather, and great people but it doesn’t have CAMP!

Every year people ask me, “Nat why would work at camp instead of living in Australia?” The answer is easy… because I love camp! My backyard is filled with kids laughing, smiling and enjoying their childhood. I get to spend my day seeing campers making friends and being the best versions of themselves … and yes camp helps me do that too!

I love seeing campers return each year ready to share their stories, make more memories and enjoy their summer. One of the best parts of my week is at opening campfire. I look around and see familiar faces; a little older and a little louder but still the same kid ready for adventure and fun! It’s a great feeling to yell, “YOOOO…” and hear ,“Surf’s Up, Dude” come echoing back at me!!!

At closing ceremony I always say “My favorite thing about camp is seeing people that were never meant to meet become friends.” Camp brings people together and shows us that the world is filled with people who care about each other and want the best for themselves and everyone around them. Camp is like no other place!

I’m a grownup who loves going to work every day because it isn’t work. Camp is the world being how it should be; FUN!

Don’t show my mum this…she still hopes I’ll return to home one day! :)

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  1. “Makes a Dad proud to see his only daughter taking life in her grasp and making a party of it. Oh! And it not just her Mum that hopes she\'ll return to Oz one day. XXX”

    John Corrall February 21, 2014 at 2:08pm Permalink
  2. “I WANT TO GO TO CAMP! When I was 12 I would put a blanket over the table and made a tent and sis and I would get into the tent with pbutter sandwiches and pretend - now I wish we had been to camp - what fun! Im so proud of me baby girl and her life at camp - love MUM - the other one lol ”

    Rosie February 21, 2014 at 5:39pm Permalink

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